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[>] Taxi Driver
Taxi driver

This happened some years back, when I was driving a taxi to earn some extra cash. Who couldn't use the extra money, when you were studying and partying non-stop? At least it wasn't as boring as being at a restaurant, always taking the blame and doing everything the customers wanted. They mostly wanted cute blond girls anyway, and I didn't fit into any of the categories: cute, blonde or girl.

Anyway, driving taxi had a few perks. You would always meet interesting people during a shift. I even got a few dates with some of the customers, after they had observed me during the trip. Looking at my broad shoulders, my firm jaw always looking newly shaved, since my beard wasn't growing too fast, if it even existed. At least I was blessed with a good muscular body. I was working out in my spare time, so I had a nice chest, and a pretty firm ass. I would usually put on a shirt, so that you could see it resting on my pecks. Along with the shirt I would always wear a pair of jeans with a tight fit, so that my ass would be noticed.

Anyway, back to the story. One night, around 2 am, I picked up a customer at a street corner. He had obviously been at a party, since he had an ooze of beer around him. He was wearing a pair of jeans and a tight white t-shirt. Just be looking at him, you could tell it was chilly outside. His nipples were showing clearly through the t-shirt. "Where to?" I asked. He had a nice, deep voice that immediately sent shivers down through my spine and ended in my dick, which instantly grew an inch or two "Home 10 miles north of here". I wondered if his new customer had ever thought of having sex with a man he clearly didn't look gay. What a waste I thought, all the good men always wanted a dumb blonde with big breasts. "So what kind of party was it?" I asked, to get a conversation going. "How did you know I was at a party?" he looked at me with interest. I found his big hazelnut eyes soothing, wishing they could see how hard I was getting. I looked directly into his eyes and kept the eye contact, when I replied "I just figured you were, since I could smell the beer when you got in". After finishing the sentence I gave him a coy smile that I knew you could interpret in many different ways. I was only interested in him interpreting that into one thing, and one thing only: Are you game?

He kept looking at me, and then he leaned forward. He positioned himself in the middle of the backseat, this way he could get his face right up next to mine. "Aren't you the clever..." he never got any further before he noticed my crotch. I had a tent pole the size of an oak at this point, and there was no way I had a chance of hiding it. I cursed at myself, hoping this wouldn't end in another one of the "fuck you faggot"-bashings. Instead his right hand steadily went between the seats and rested on my cock. Instantly it began to grow even more, right up to the point where it was so hard it was hurting. He put his lips right next to my right ear and whispered with his deep voice: "I wonder if its too big to fit into my mouth...?"

I could hardly keep the car on the road anymore. All I could think of now what his lips around my big cock. Having his tongue massaging every inch of it, while he would have one hand on my balls consumed my mind completely. I pulled off the road onto the shoulder I couldn't stand it anymore! I wanted him too much now, and trying to resist it would be a battle he would lose in a matter of seconds.

The customer was already ahead of me in thinking what was going to happen next. He got in the passengers seat, and started to unzip my pants. "Oh God yes" I let out in a whisper, while I positioned myself better. My pants was already halfway down to my ankles along with my boxers, when I felt one of his hands on my big hard cock, the other hand was trying to get his own dick out. I grabbed his head with my left hand, feeling his thick black hair running through my fingers. His tongue was working as if possessed by magic, doing everything I wanted. Going up and down my big cock, playing with the tip of it and applying pressure.

His hand started jerking me off, faster and faster, while he took his hand from his own cock and started massaging my balls. "Yes, yes, faster, faster" I kept repeating louder and louder. I was already on the brink of coming, but I wanted to enjoy this as much as I possibly could. After another minute, I was couldn't hold it anymore. "I'm coming, Im coming... nooooow". He kept licking and sucking, while I could feel I was squirting all of my cum inside his mouth. While he was feeling my warm liquid inside his mouth, he moaned a little. I was too exhausted to notice if it sounded as if he was content or because something was wrong. 10 seconds later I decided it must've been because he liked it he still had my dick in his mouth, licking of the last of my sperm. Finally he lifted his head, once again having eye contact with his hazelnut eyes. "So what about me?" he asked. I started the engine, and got out on the road again. "You get the ride for free and my cell phone number, in case you ever need another ride" I said smiling as if in a daze.

"Fair enough" he replied, and took the card I handed him. 5 minutes later I dropped him off at his house, and drove off shortly after he entered his front door. This had definitely been one of my best evenings at work! From now on I would be more careful of judging people by their looks, who knew if such an offer would ever come again. No need to say it did, since he from that day on received several phone calls on his cell phone. Not only from his mystery customer with the hazelnut eyes, but also several others. As this puzzled me, I asked them from whom they had received my number; the answer was unanimous: my first ride with the hazelnut eyes. I guess he deserved to be punished the next time he wanted a ride, but thats a different story...
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